Brasfield Construction is a full-service contractor that can essentially assist clients from the conception to completion of their projects. Brasfield Construction builds a diverse range of projects for both public and private clients under a variety of project delivery methods, including General Contracting, Construction Management, and Design/Building. 

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General Contractor

As a self-performing General Contractor, Brasfield Construction joins your project team near the conclusion of the design phase, providing owners a traditional design-bid-build structure. Our team performs GC assignments on both a negotiated contract and bid basis.

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Construction Management

As Construction Managers, Brasfield Construction is prepared to provide service as either an owner's agent whereby the client holds all trade contracts, or on an "at-risk" basis where we become responsible for guaranteeing performance. Whichever is right for your project, we join your team through negotiated contract or the typical bid process and leverage our diverse experience to bring value to your project-achieving optimum cost, schedule, and, most importantly, quality.

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Design & Build

Brasfield Construction has participated in a large number of highly successful design-build projects, acting as a single point of contact for the client during the design and construction phases. The design-build approach provides owners with an efficient way to interface with engineering, architectural, and construction team members early on, and facilitates an efficient, cost-effective parallel coordination structure.


 The Brasfield Difference

In every field, competitors exist. This is especially true in construction.
Brasfield Construction is unique from its competitors in four very distinct ways.

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Quality Construction

Brasfield Construction has been in business for more than forty years, with hundreds of commercial projects to its name. The key to quality control is constant inspection, along with experienced team members who know how to do the job right – the first time. Brasfield Construction uses the most advanced technology to provide verifications and reminders to consistently communicate with team members. Most of Brasfield Construction’s employees have been with the business for more than ten years, which points to the company’s successful business operations and culture. That experience means that customers always get a quality project. Moreover, Brasfield Construction knows every commercial construction supplier in the market. When you choose Brasfield Construction, they negotiate the highest quality materials for the best possible cost. The Brasfield difference has always been construction value you can count on. They get the job right – the first time – and they always have.

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Design Services

(Building Information Modeling)

Brasfield is one of the first local construction companies to provide 3D modeling design for their projects. Bringing a project to life, Brasfield can provide clients with complete construction drawings, 3D models, and actual renderings. From any imaginable angle our clients will have the ability to visualize their project and its components in a complete 3D Model. Imagine a bank, medical clinic or church with exterior brick walls, metal roof, as well as a drive-thru canopy and parking. Brasfield Construction can provide you a complete 3D rendering of what the building will actually look like – down to paint colors on the walls. Brasfield Construction can provide those initial schematic plans, saving valuable time and money by drawing the plans, getting up-front consensus, and then employing an architect for the final details if required by code.

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Value Engineering

Our past experience serves as extensive historical data that gives us benchmarks to determine reasonable costs for each item. Typically, the earlier Brasfield is brought into the project, the more opportunities for construction value to be added to a working set of construction drawings. Brasfield Construction saves customers money from the beginning. It is important that the owner, design team and Brasfield Construction jointly evaluate all value analysis options. Sometimes if the right decision initially costs more money, savings are found in the long run. Regardless, value analysis cannot be done with a cavalier attitude focused on the cheapest alternative. Most importantly, Brasfield Construction strives to present as much information about each option as possible so that the owner can make an informed decision.


Accurate Budget/Estimating

Brasfield Construction strives to be an excellent steward of its clients’ project funds. Past construction experience serves as extensive historical data to benchmark costs. Typically, our initial estimates fall within 1-2% of the final contract amount. Brasfield’s accuracy results from the team’s estimates and clearly defined assumptions, clarifications and exclusions. We use an On Screen Take-off System that allows us to generate quantities quickly and accurately using an electronic version of the design documents.


 Our Process




  • Design management

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating

  • Budgeting/cost-modeling

  • Zoning and code compliance

  • Green building planning/education

  • Bid packaging

  • Value engineering

  • Subcontractor pre-qualification



  • Scheduling

  • Self-performing concrete

  • Quality control

  • Safety management

  • LEED project registration

  • Subcontractor management

  • Status reporting

  • Change management



  • Certificate of occupancy

  • As-built documentation

  • Commissioning/Warranty programs

  • Building Operations

  • LEED project certification


 Safety First


 Safety-First Planning

Brasfield Construction has more than 200 commercial building projects to its name. During each of these builds or renovations, the safety of everyone is Brasfield Construction’s top priority. Brasfield Construction believes that safety is a responsibility and function of all levels of the construction process. Accountability is required for the control of all accidents and incidents.

Our company’s goal is to instill an attitude within each employee, subcontractor, and vendor to think safe, work safe and be considerate of peers in the work place. A safety plan is built into the construction planning process – and Brasfield Construction closely follows all laws and regulations to ensure the safety of its employees and contractors.