Brasfield Construction is a commercial building company that has a reputation throughout West Tennessee for quality construction, personal integrity, and pinpoint pricing. Founded by Ken Brasfield in 1970 as a residential construction company, now more than forty years later, Brasfield has become the market leader in commercial construction with more than 200 commercial projects to its name.

What sets the company apart from its competition, in addition to its people, is the use of advanced technology and the ability to perform craftsman-oriented construction. Craftsman-oriented construction is essentially having the expertise necessary to complete large and intricate projects that involve challenges and complexities above and beyond standard construction projects. The company remains committed to the community that helped it grow into the business it is.

Kirkland Cancer Center Interior.jpg

We specialize in…



Medical Facilities

Commercial and Corporate Offices

Hospital Construction

Colleges and Universities



Our general philosophy at Brasfield Construction is to develop positive relationships with our clients that provide us future referrals and the opportunity to expand our customer base. We do not approach our projects with a bottom line only attitude. We believe that if our clients enjoy the building process, consider it a pleasant and rewarding experience, then they will not only use us for repeat projects, but will also recommend us to other potential clients. We feel that by placing the customer’s satisfaction as our top priority and working hard to maintain our reputation than our workload will remain steady, thereby allowing our company to grow in the right way.